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Dr. Prathap C Reddy Founder, Chairman

Total Health connotes Total Well-being


Apollo Hospital’s, are widely accredited as being the architects of modern Indian Healthcare System. Dr Prathap C Reddy, the Founder and Chairman of Apollo Hospitals had pledged to ensure healthcare of international standards to each and every citizen of India. Today the 64 Apollo Hospitals, spread across the length and breadth of India have, to an extent achieved this goal.



The Total Health initiative started in November 2013 with a baseline household door to door survey to identify the health status, and also determine the demographic, social and economic status of the community utilizing the World Health Organization’s “STEPs” approach modified to achieve the aforementioned objectives. It has to date covered more than 30635 people and classified them according to their ten year risk of getting a non-communicable disease (NCD), into three basic groups of low risk, moderate risk and high risk. Based on the survey the following core areas have been identified for Total Health intervention.



Participation in decision-making was found higher for the working women as compared to the non-working women in all aspects of household decision making.

In this context Total Health stared multiple projects for women like JUTE Manufacturing Unit, Apparel Training Program, Beautician Course, Sanitary Napkins Preparation, Hand made paper crafts training unit. A lot of women got trained for jute bags manufacturing and they started manufacturing jute products and also marketing the same. 

This procedure followed for other projects also.

Water & Sanitation

water and sanitation
Clean water is the single most important factor in regards to a healthy life. This is a simple appeal which not only saves lives through the elimination of water born illnesses, but also transforms the lives. Total Health supported potable water plant in the following villages Aragonda, K.Patnam, D.Modhalapalle, Eacheneri, Sarakallu, Mynagundlapalle, D.Thadakara and is benefiting 31 habitations with a population of 25000.



Most of the people in villages earn their living either through agriculture or handicrafts. Since the land available to each family has remained the same and the number of family members has grown, supporting all of them through agriculture alone is becoming difficult. People are moving to towns and cities in search of jobs, but these are also not always available partly because they lack the qualifications.

Total Health is addressing these problems by taking steps to make better opportunities of employment and livelihood available close to or within the villages itself. It is also encouraging young people to start their own ventures by providing them training.



Yoga among the inhabitants of the mandal through an organization from Bangalore i.e.Prafull Oorja.8 instructors are also being trained from among the community to be able to conduct these sessions by themselves and also provide them with a vocational outlet. Yoga training sessions are being imparted to the community including the students of the government schools and Apollo College of Nursing. It has benefited 2000 population.

Total Health distributed different varieties of vegetable seeds to promote NPM based backyard kitchen garden to enhance quality and healthy living among the people. Total Health distributed seeds in 22 villages and 570 families got benefited.


Beautification of villages is being ensured through a drive involving the youth in cleansing the drains and roads along with clearing of over ground bushes in public places, and to establish children’s parks. Also planting of the saplings on the road sides and promotion of vermi-compost is being undertaken. For household sanitation distribution of dust bins is being done to segregate the household wet and dry garbage at source and ensuring a mechanism for proper disposal.


sports infrastructure
An inhabitant of Village Aragonda has donated 04 acres of land to the foundation for establishing playground facilities to bring about Life Style changes in the community. It is envisaged to build a Walking Plaza, , Community Hall, Stadium, and facilities of a Gymnasium and Meditation Centre on this location. Rural sports are being encouraged by way of tournaments among different villages. Another inhabitant has donated about 2000 sq yards , where a satellite clinic is being established

Awards & Recognition

ISV Awards - 2016
Best CSR Solution of the Year
Indywood Excellence award for CSR 2016
Best CSR Solution of the Year 2016
MODI CSR (Making Of Developed India ) 2017
Best Corporate Social Responsibilities Practices
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Total Health Complex
Aragonda Village, Thavanampalli Mandal,
Chittoor District, A.P.-517129
(+91) 08573 284283


Total Health Complex
Aragonda Village, Thavanampalli Mandal,
Chittoor District, A.P.-517129

  • (+91) 08573 284283

Our Story

Concept of “TOTAL HEALTH” foundation It is with the aim of covering this deficit that Dr. Prathap C. Reddy launched the „Total Health‟ Foundation, in the year 2013. The foundation aims to provide a “Holistic Health Care” for the entire community, starting from the birth, through their journey into childhood, adolescence, adulthood and in the latter years of their life. In other words, “Total Health” connotes “total well-being” of an individual inclusive of physical, mental, social, ecological and spiritual health and more importantly it transcend barriers and it caters to the health care requirements and aspirations of the community through their journey from “womb to tomb”. Dr. Prathap C Reddy inaugurated Total Health in the year 2013 to provide integrated comprehensive health care services inclusive of Physical, Social, Mental, Ecological and Spiritual health to 70,000 populations in Thavanampalle mandal of Chittoor district 2 Initially this program is being piloted in Thavanampalle Mandal of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh which happens to be the birth Mandal of Dr Prathap C Reddy, and would cover more than 70 thousand people of all age groups. The “Total Health” program aims to promote a healthy and happy living atmosphere through promotion and protection of health, prevention of diseases, and provision of hygienic and sanitary living environment. This program would pave the way for identifying the diseases at the early stage through screening and would facilitate in extending timely treatment to save lives.

The program had started with a baseline household door to door arduous survey to study the health, social and economic status of the communities. The health survey instrument is based on World Health Organization’s “STEP” Approach. It has covered more than 24063 people and classified them according to their ten year risk of getting a non-communicable disease (NCD), into three basic groups of low risk, moderate risk and high risk. The population is further being followed by investigations, counseling and medication through “Mobile Health Clinics of Total Health” and if necessary expert management is imparted by Apollo Hospitals, Aragonda. The program also envisages on providing health related infrastructure development in terms of “Purified potable water of high standards”, Individual Sanitation latrines (ISLs), catering to the needs of pregnant and lactating mothers by supplementing their diet in terms of nutritious food supplements and periodical Medical checkups and health education at the “Nutrition Centres”, “kitchen Gardens” to promote easily available, unadulterated nutritious food. Special care would also be given to “Tiny Tots” at the proposed anganwadies by Total Health. School health and hygiene would also be given special care and “Value added livelihood creations” by establishing skill based vocational training centres. Total Health also provides “Yoga cum Meditation Centre‟s, Gymnasium,” for the community at the Total Health Premises.


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