Household Survey

Total Health initiated comprehensive Mandal level household and family health survey inclusive of socio-economic and demographic details to know the current status of health , socio-economic and demographic conditions of people in Thavanampalle Mandal , Chittoor District , Andhra Pradesh. Based on the outcomes of the survey strategies have been envisaged to mitigate the problem and to enhance the quality life of people in Thavanampalle Mandal. The survey was completed in all 195 villages , at the end of April 2019 , it has covered 30960 households with 11375 family members. The survey is under progress to cover the remaining households and family members.

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Mobile Clinic

Total Health survey revealed, that lack of easy and frequent transportation to inaccessible, far-flung remote hamlets and villages, is a huge barrier to the public in seeking quality and economic medical health care. In compliance of the idiom “If Mohamed cannot come to the mountain, The mountain will go to Mohamed “, Total Health has introduced a “Mobile Clinic” which caters to health care requirements, inclusive of investigations, to all the people in Thavanampalle Mandal, with periodic visits to the hamlets and villages at their door steps. The population identified by the survey are further being followed up by investigations, counselling and medication through these Mobile Health Services and if necessary, expert management through Apollo Hospitals, Aragonda & Chennai. . It provides health care services in 21 gram Panchayats covering 104 habitations with a population of 20000. About 30%people are under regular medication and the emphasis laid on the NCD patients. Mobile Health Services with on the spot medical consultations, Health Education, investigations, and dispensing of subsidized Generic Medicine


Satelite Clinic

Implementation of community-based primary health care services at the door steps of the community and improved access to general health care and prevention of NCD. The 1st satellite clinic of Total Health was inaugurated on 28th June 2015 by Mr. Narotham Reddy, President, Materials, AHEL, at Thodathara village of Thavanampalle mandal. The satellite clinic has all the basic OP health care facilities. It provides health care services in 9 Gram Panchayats covering 47 habitations with a population of 15000.


Nutrition Centres

Total Health household survey revealed the prevalence of anemia by gender, 3.45% of males and 7.68% of females in Chittoor District had severe anemia whereas prevalence of moderate anemia was 10.19% and 29.61% in males and females respectively. Mild anemia prevalence was 25.44% in males whereas it was 23.65% in females. Total Health has initiated 6 Nutrition Centre for pregnant and lactating Mothers to prevent anemia and mal-nutrition in the mothers and prevention of congenital disabilities of the fetus thus bring down the IMR and MMR for Total Well-being of the pregnant and lactating Mothers. MAM & SAM Pilot Study As per the advise of District Collector ,Chittoor ,Total Health has conducted pilot study on MAM & SAM children and mothers with the sample of 328 ( 149 anemic mothers and 169 children).Duration of 6months by integration with ICDS project,Bangarupalyam and PHC ,Thavanampalle Mandal.The main role of Total Health in the study is provision of additional supplymentory nutrition,baseline survey monthly health check-up and analysis of the result by the end of study.h


Apollo Ayush Wing

The vision of our Chairman Dr. Prathap C Reddy is to bring the integration between Allopathic system of medicine and AYUSH for holistic health care services to the community. As per the guidance and suggestions of Chairman and the top management of AHEL, Total Health introduced Ayurveda as a pilot project at AAH, Aragonda village, Thavanampalle mandal. Ms. Sangita Reddy, JMD, AHEL inaugurated the AYUSH WING at AAH on 16th November 2015 in the presence of top management of AHEL, community and others.


Swarna Bindu Praashana

It is an Ayurveda immunization vaccine and it has been administered in the early years of 0 to 16 years for brain development. It helps to maintain healthy state of mind and body. Swarna bindu prashana provides specific immunity along with many other benefits. About 6321 children got benefitted from the aforesaid program and it has been administered only on PUSHYAMI NAKSHATRAM DAY as it has been considered as an auspicious day for the administration of the same as per Ayurveda.