Water & Sanitation


Drinking Water Supply

Total Health has installed a Water Plant with the capacity of 2000 1itres/hour for providing safe drinking water for the people living in Aragonda village. Similarly, another 10 other Water Filtration plants have been installed at Villages K.Patnam, D.Modhalapalle, Eacheneri, Sarakallu, D. Mathyam, Santhapalle and Mainagunadkapalle, Madhavaram and E. Thavanampalle. More than 30,000 people draw potable drinking water at the cost of Rs. 3 for 20 liters from these plants. All plants are run and maintained by respected Gram Panchayat of the said villages. In keeping with the latest knowledge on the subject all RO plants are being converted into Rapid Sand filters.


Walking Plaza & Play Ground

An inhabitant of Village Aragonda had given 04 acres of land to Total Health for establishing playground facilities for the people of Thavanamapalle Mandal. It had been envisaged to build a walking plaza, athletic field, community hall, stadium, and facilities for a gymnasium and meditation on this land which is being carried out in a phased manner.



Sanitation and Child Centric Infra Support

Total Health strengthens the government schools in Aragonda village by extending child centric support for the school including sanitation facilities,infrastructure by way of providing child centric dual desks to the government schools, and continuous housekeeping support. It thus aims to create an enabling environment for the students to learn in a joyful and stress free atmosphere. The activities particularly target the girl child including renovation of the incineration facilities in schools. Dr. Sunil Kumar, the Hon’ble MLA of Putalapattu constituency inaugurated the sanitation facilities and also handed over the child centric infrastructure to the schools ZPH school for girls and ZPHS for boys at Aragonda village.and requested the community and the students to make use of the Total Health services.