Arogya Rakshak



In order to create a healthy population in the Thavanampalli mandal of Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, students, school teachers and health staff should adopt safe hygiene practices, and use safe drinking water, in a sustainable manner, and become harbingers of change in these practices for the community


• Improved hygienic behaviour by adopting Dettol school hygiene programme in 14 Schools in Apollo Total Health field area in Thavanampalli Mandal of Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.
• Avert and prevent hospital based infections in 05 Apollo Total Health Clinics (Primary Health Care settings) – “Protected by Dettol, Cared by Apollo” (2 Satellite Clinics, 2 Mobile Clinics and 1 AYUSH clinic).
• Supporting Community Nutrition Programme through integration of Nutrition curriculum existing in Andhra Pradesh with RBs Nutrition Programme in Maharashtra and co creating and reproducing a vibrant model, and also being a part of Technical Committee member of RB’s programme.

Duration: 3 Years (April 2019-March 2022).

Target Population:
Target group is 2212 students and Teaching Faculty in the identified 14 schools, 25 Apollo Total Health staff, 250 beneficiaries namely pregnant and lactating women, elderly people enrolled in 11 nutrition centers and 126 SHG women, Angawadi Teachers, ASHA workers in Thavanampalli Mandal in Chittoor District.

Supported by: Reckitt Benckiser (RB)