About Us

Apollo Hospital’s, are widely accredited as being the architects of modern Indian Healthcare System. Dr Prathap C Reddy, the Founder and Chairman of Apollo Hospitals had pledged to ensure healthcare of international standards to each and every citizen of India. Today the 64 Apollo Hospitals, spread across the length and breadth of India have, to an extent achieved this goal .

But, he realizes that there remains a wide chasm, between the different regions of the nation, variance in affordability amongst different strata of society, and that certain aspects of health are still untouched, such as social and spiritual health and related ecological and economic development, so vital for the health of the community. In order to bridge this gap, Apollo Hospitals had launched a drive to move towards the smaller towns with the “Second Tier” hospitals concept for provision of “Primary, Secondary and even Tertiary Health Care”. However, even now, there still remains a deficit which has to be urgently addressed, especially as health is such a dynamic field, where new vistas keep unfolding, such as the “Epidemic of Non Communicable Diseases”; problems associated with old age; Cancer and most importantly the changing aspirations of the population themselves.

It was with the aim of covering this deficit, that Dr Prathap C Reddy launched the ‘Total Health’ Foundation, in the year 2013. The foundation aims to provide “Holistic Health Care” for the entire community, starting from birth, through ones journey into childhood, adolescence, adulthood and in the latter years of ones’ life. In other words, “Total Health” connotes“total well-being” of an individual, inclusive of physical, mental, social, spiritual health and associated ecological and economic development. It thus transcends barriers and caters to the health care requirements and aspirations of the community through their journey from “womb to tomb”.

Initially this program was piloted in Aragonda Village which is the Chairman’s native place. Excited with the outcomes, the program has been extended to the Thavanampalle Mandal of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, and is covering more than 53708 people of all age groups. The “Total Health” program aims to promote a healthy and happy living atmosphere through

  • promotion and protection of health
  • prevention of diseases,
  • identifying the diseases at an early stage through screening
  • and provision of hygienic and sanitary living environment