Aragonda Project

Dr Prathap C Reddy launched the ‘Total Health’, in the year 2013. It aims to provide a “Holistic Health Care”for the entire community, starting from the birth, through their journey into childhood, adolescence, adulthood and in the latter years of their life. In other words, “Total Health” connotes “total well-being” of an individual inclusive of physical, mental, social, ecological and spiritual health and more importantly it transcend barriers and it caters to the health care requirements and aspirations of the community through their journey from“womb to tomb”.

Initially this program is piloted in Aragonda village, Thavanampalle Mandal of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh which happens to be the birth Mandal of Dr Prathap C Reddy, and would cover more than 7367 people of all age groups.

The following activities have been initiated for the holistic development of citizens of Aragonda Gram Panchayats

• Covering all households for the Total Health Household Survey

• Periodical health screening to all the population of Aragonda

• Providing health care services through mobile clinic

• Emphasis on prevention and control of NCDs

• Cancer screening for women

• Established 2000 L/P potable water plant and delivery of drinking water through an auto-rickshaw to all the 8 habitations of Aragonda GP

• Established nutrition centres for pregnant and lactating mothers, children below 5 years and for geriatric population

• Supported individual household sanitation latrines to 207 families

• Distributed dust bins to 1334 families at Aragonda GP for segregation of household garbage at source and proper management

• Electrification of entire Aragonda with solar street lamps

• Creation and maintenance of school sanitation benefiting 1000 + students

• Support of child centric infrastructure like dual desks, sports materials, drinking water facilities, clean toilets etc.

• Periodical school health check ups

• Skill training provided women on textile garments and jute bags manufacturing and facilitated seed loan for women to set up micro entrepreneurships

• Promotion of kitchen gardens with vegetable seeds and saplings of papaya and drumstick

• Promotion of Non Pesticide Management(NPM) based kitchen gardens

• Imparted Yoga to the community and school children

• Conducting awareness campaigns and camps on health and other social issues

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